15 Apr

I offer a variety of academic services to both homeschool and traditional school children. Often,  I hear from parents about how unhappy their child is in a traditional school setting. They know they don't want their child to be a part of that kind of school experience, but they think they need to wait until semester break or the end of the year to withdraw their children.  However, I am here to tell you NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO HOMESCHOOL.  If your child is unhappy, or failing in school, why on earth would you want to wait another week, month, or year, if you could make a change for the better today?

If there is something positive that came out of 2020, it is that homeschool has been thrust into the limelight.  At first, everyone was forced to do traditional school at home, but after it was time to return to brick and mortar, many families chose to keep their children at home.  They realized they were already doing a version of homeschooling and they wanted more. However, many were simply not sure how to go about homeschooling independently or did not think it was the right time to pull their child out of school. 

So, when it was time to return to school in person, parents sent their children back,  Yet, nobody in the school system was telling parents it is perfectly ok to withdraw their kiddos at any point in the school year, and it is LEGAL to school them at home.  This is partly because many people in traditional school environment do not understand homeschooling, and partly because when children leave schools, the schools lose funding.  So, they feel it's better to keep parents in the dark about these things than to give them the golden ticket to educational freedom.

Thankfully, once the homeschool scene became the new normal and many more services materialized to help the homeschool journey, more and more families decided to take the leap anyhow.  Once the homeschool ball got rolling, enrichment classes were offered more frequently, little homeschool co-ops started bursting at the seams, and the use of online courses grew exponentially.  The old idea of the weird, unsocialized homeschooler was tossed on its head and homeschool took on a new super hip identity. 

Therefore, If you don’t like the new public school regulations, your costly private school isn't satisfying your family's needs,  or if you were already seriously considering homeschooling, now is the perfect time to give it a whirl!  Renember, there is no time like the present and you can always send your child back to traditional school at any time. Yet, I am willing to bet, once you get into the cool homeschool groove, you won't  ever want to go back to old ways of  traditional schooling. Homeschooling may be just what you have been looking for all along.

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