26 Jan

You might be wondering how our family ventured down the homeschool path. To be honest, homeschooling was the last resort after a long and arduous search. Plus, at that time I didn't even understand what schooling at home really was. However, before you read any further, you must know it was the ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY! 

So, how did a certified public-school teacher decide to jump ship and school her son at home? Well, it was because the school system where we lived at the time was not meeting our son's 4th grade needs, nor was it meeting mine as a classroom teacher. So, we decided as a family that a change was in order, but we just weren't sure what it was going to look like. 

At first, my husband and I looked at alternative schools such as the local charter school options and several private schools. These schools were either not a good fit or they were going to cost an arm and a leg just for our son to attend. After months of searching, we were literally at our wits end, when a man I volunteered with suggested we try homeschooling. My exact reply was, "What? You mean sit home with my kid all day?" He laughed and said, "That's exactly what I mean." He then informed me of an upcoming day I would want to attend, where all the moms got together to teach their kids and have some fun. 

Begrudgingly, I decided to check it out because we had no other options at that point. Soon, the life-changing day arrived. My son Grover and I took the long drive across town to the Wilson's home. I will never forget that day because it was pouring down rain and all I wanted to do was stay home. However, when we arrived, we burst out of the car and sped to the front door, through the rain. I noticed that we were both laughing, even though we were supposed to be nervous. So, we brushed the rain off as best as we could, then we knocked on the door together. 

Grover and I were immediately welcome into the home with open arms! [Now, you are reading the written version of my story, but I still tear up when you hear me tell this story in person] G-man and I walked inside and in that moment I knew we were home. We saw happy moms, and kids of mixed ages all working on various projects. There was more laughter and the smell of banana bread baking in an oven. I can't explain to you that feeling... the one where you just know... But that is exactly what happened. IN that exact moment, I knew!! 

Grover and I both knew it was where we were supposed to be! It was the glorious A-HA moment we had been seeking for 6 tiring months. Also, Grover was a shy kid in traditional school, but these kids were super friendly and invited him to join right in. I watched as he walked off with the group and turned to face the moms. 

While Grover was busy making new friends, I was trying to not burst into tears in front of these ladies who I was also just meeting for the first time. Yet, I am sure they would have understood because these were not tears of sadness, they were tears of pure, unbridled JOY! We had finally arrived!

 Homeschooling was going to be our new pathway! Only, I had no idea what that was going to look like or what to do next. Yet, those moms assured me I knew my son best, and I COULD DO IT!! So, I am here to tell you, they were right!!

 Grover and I left that afternoon and were elated the whole way home. He could not wait to tell his father; we had finally found a solution to our schooling dilemma. Little did we know it was truly going to be the best gift for our family as far as education and other opportunities go. We knew from that point on, we were so blessed to have found that little homeschool community. Yet, at that time, we didn't know just how much of a blessing it would turn out to be.

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