26 Sep

I am a Florida native who grew up in Pinellas County. I graduated from USF (St. Petersburg Campus) with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and started teaching in Pinellas over 25 years ago. However, my life's journey with a husband in the Coast Guard took our family to Miami, where we eventually started homeschooling our son due to the condition of the schools. To help keep this bio short and to the point, I will just let you know we had an incredible journey.

 I began teaching my son in 4th grade and continued homeschooling him all the way until he graduated from high school. He dual enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College at the age of 14, and earned 2 Associates Degrees while there. Then, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree with honors from Sonoma State University. (Proud mom stuff!)

During our time in Miami, I earned a Master’s Degree at the University of Miami in Reading and Exceptional Student Education. I also ran my own tutoring business for both homeschooled and public school children. After leaving Miami and being stationed in California for 10 years, I worked with countless homeschool families and educational businesses in a variety of job roles.

Here are just a few of my career and personal highlights:

  • Designing creative academic classes and lessons based upon student/school needs and assessment results
  • Coaching educators and parents on best educational practices
  • Performing reading assessments and individualized tutoring--both virtually and in-person
  • Training FBI agents on Microsoft Office Suite
  • Curriculum development and lesson planning for a large school district
  • Teaching a cohort of students on a virtual platform and achieving great success
  • Training distric employees on new curriculum materials and technology platforms
  • Webmaster for a public school's website
  • Independent Study Teacher and Reading Specialist
  • Identifying learning styles and suggesting curriculum and acaemic strategies to enhance learning
  • Literacy Coach for teachers in the public school system to help improve reading and writing instruction
  • Hosting workshops for homeschool parents and teachers on a wide variety of subject areas
  • Coaching high school and middle school students in essay writing 
  • Teaching STEM, Science, Creative Writing, Journalism, Reading, and many other awesome courses
  • Completing a full Ironman of 140.6 miles in Panama City, Florida
  • Swimming from Alcatraz three different times

Since taking my first teaching job in the late 90s, I have educated hundreds of students of all ages. There are countless stories of the ways in which my gift of teaching has helped others. I have often heard from former students who recall the ways in which I instilled a deep love of learning in them. Henceforth, I especially enjoy working with individuals who need additional assistance with learning or who may not enjoy a certain subject. There is something magical when all of a sudden it "clicks" and the learner becomes engaged in, and proud of the work they are doing.

Although I have enjoyed the years I worked in the traditional classroom setting, my passion has always been with alternative types of educational models and curriculum development. I am grateful that running my own business brings me new and exciting opportunities that I never thought possible until I took this wonderful leap of faith.

Now that my son is 29, and a successful member of society (that's a picture of him and me below), I continue my business of helping students and other clients needing support in all aspects of education. As a Florida & California certified teacher and an alternative education guru, it is my passion to creatively and gently guide learners on their journey, while finding a perfect academic path. 

I believe each day is a blessing, when I get to combine my passion, creativity, and experience to help students, parents, teachers, and educational businesses find new solutions and success.

I look forward to working with you.

Lisa Casey, M.S. Ed

Ps. Feel free to ask for my resume'. I have a wealth of experience working in various business models and teaching environments. I am proficient with educating all ages--from children to adults. 

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