Virtual and In-Person Classes

I am always planning and creating new classes based upon parent input and student needs.  I teach both in-person and virtually and hold classes for a wide range of ages. 

Please feel free to let me know of any classes you would like to see offered.  I am mobile and can bring my classes to you!

Check out some of my class offerings:

  • Super Duper STEM:   Online and In Person STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classes are available. These are fun, engaging and are my students' favorite classes.
  •  Math Through Literature and Art:  Math concepts start with a living book, video and a discussion. Then move to utilizing hands-on methods, manipulatives, and other sources to build a foundation prior to moving to paper. 
  • Making Make-Believe Foundational Reading and Writing Skills:  Hands on learning with the alphabet, number sense, and foundational reading skills with lots of fun and games.  Sometimes we even get messy, but that's because research shows young children learn through play.  Come join me and let's have a blast learning together!
  •  Hands on Science in your Backyard:  This class makes science super duper fun.  It is a combination of ideas which stem from student interest,  experiences, art, hobbies, handicrafts, and some crazy science experiments.  We will learn about the scientific method and record our experiments like real scientists. 
  • Creative Writing with Inspiration: I love to write and I thoroughly enjoy the creative processes involved with the writing process. We will read other author's writing for some inspiration and enjoy the craft of a variety of writing styles.  I love to share my passion for the writing process. I will guide students through the steps of brainstorming, writing, revising, and publishing the final product. We will celebrate all writing by sharing with each other in a supportive and happy environment.
  • Journalism for Middle School Students:  We will learn about the history of journalism, how it has changed over time, and moving into the digital age. We will choose articles to read and research about. We will interview others, learn to take notes and write our own articles. We will culminate in producing our own class newspaper.  
  • Essay Writing for High School Students:  We will read engaging literature and respond to it using a variety of prompts.  We will explore the various types of essays and learn about MLA formatting etc.  
  • Games Around the World:  This class gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of games that children are playing around the globe. It will be a combination of geography, history, learning the rules of the games, and ultimately having fun playing them. 

    **Playing games offers a wide range of benefits. Games help develop skills including social, language, problem-solving, and critical thinking. They also provide opportunities for students to practice teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

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Prices vary per class, but typical fees are $8-$10  per hour spent in class, plus a one time materials fee. 

(Discounts given to families with more than 2 children enrolled OR who sign up for multiple classes).