Do you love to build? Are you good at creating new masterpieces? Have you ever wondered how something works? Do you like inventing? As critical thinking and creative pursuits become more and more important, STEM activities provide a safe and fun way for you to explore the concepts of science, math, engineering, and technology in a kid-friendly, exciting class. These fabulously fun STEM classes combine creative invention with the excitement of friendly contests. Each week students will work independently, with partners, or in groups on projects that promote thinking “outside of the box”. There will be thought-provoking activities, combined with having fun and learning something new! Hope you will join my STEM class to become the greatest critical thinker you can be!


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Bring your creativity and be prepared to have fun with learning. Each week will focus on a new STEM topic and all materials will be provided for you to design, create and build.  

Ages 6-12

Cost: $50;  $10 per class plus a one-time materials fee of $10.00

Dates:  2/3-2/24

Time:  12:00-1:00

Location:  North Straub Park:  400 Bayshore Drive Northeast

Payment: Cash or Venmo