As a Certified Teacher and Professional Tutor, over 90% of my students need instruction and support with the craft of writing. Therefore, it has become my mission and passion to help children of all ages find the writer within and learn to love the process of writing.


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Does your child try to escape writing time?  Do they need extra help learning about the writing process, or are they just looking for inspiration and direction to begin writing their story?  Then,  My Magical Life, Writing Class is just for them!   With self-expression at the heart of it, this class helps kids find their love of writing and lifelong learning.

Ideal for ages 6-13, this 6 WEEK class uses a variety of exciting and creative materials to help kids learn how to write stories on topics they are very knowledgeable about—their own magical lives.

This course will utilize inspiring ideas and fun activities, so new or reluctant writers gain the confidence and skills essential to create higher quality writing. While more experienced writers will learn new ways to enhance their writing abilities.  The focus will be on developing confidence and experience with the process of writing, so students feel motivated to express their ideas on paper.

Writing can be a magical experience! Writing activities help with creativity, self-expression, communication, and so much more.  Sign up today!

The Process of Writing will be taught in a Loving, Encouraging, Creative Environment!

Class Format: 

Settling In:  Yoga, Breathing Techniques and Focus in a Quiet, Calm Setting

Introduction to the Topic of the Day: Children’s Literature, Silly Story Starters, Graphic Organizers, Comics, Games, Humor, and more will be utilized to inspire the writing process

Writing Time with individualized support and encouragement

Opportunities to Share and be proud of weekly progress and accomplishments

**Each Week’s Lessons will build upon previous skills learned and students will be exposed to the Writing Process from Pre-Writing, to Editing and Finished Stories.  All Materials will be Provided

Class Age:  6-10

Class Dates:   TUESDAYS 1:15-2:45  Oct 4, Oct 11, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 8, Nov 15  

Class Location:  Largo Public Library  Clck for directions

Price Includes: $10 per 90 minute class and a one time materials fee of $10

Class Dates:  FRIDAYS: 11:00-12:30  Sept 23,  Oct 7, Oct 14, Oct 21, Nov 11, Nov 18

Class Location:  Taylor Lake Park Clck for directions

Price Includes: $10 per 90 minute class and a one time materials fee of $10